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hegesztThe Havik Ltd., founded in 2003, is an industrial and trade company with 100% Hungarian ownership. The production center is at Kaposújlak, 3 kilometers from Kaposvár, in Somogycounty, Hungary. Since 2011 we operate at a brand new, more than 1000 square meters production area.

Our products are used primarily in machine industry, construction industry and agriculture and come with natural, painted, galvanized or hot-dip galvanized surface. Yet, our production is not limited to these items; we frequently adjust it to a wide range of needs and target areas.

We supply companies across Europe and world-wide. Our main market is Germany, yet, we contributed to productions in several other countries like Norway, Syria, Kuwait, Libya, India, China, Pakistan, Iran and Indonesia.

We are qualified by CE marking as well as by EN ISO 1090-1 EXC 2 and MSZ EN ISO 3834-2 certifications. We can manufacture products in standardized production as well as in non-standardized small amounts, based on draft or on-the-spot measurement. For references, please see our photo gallery.



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Welder – Metal worker - Foreman
For application, please send your resume to allas@havik.hu or call us on this number: +3670/599-7433
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7522 Kaposújlak. Dózsa GY. utca 31/B.
VAT number: 13179377-2-14
Company register number:: 14-09-305696 registered at the
Registry Court of Kaposvár, Hungary

Phone (office): +36 82/686-201
Mobile phone: +36 20/599-7433
E-mail: havikltd@gmail.com
Web: www.havik.hu