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Quality, correctness, accuracy
and mutual contentment

Our services


Manufacturing welded structures with non-threated, painted or hot-dip galvanized surface.
We also manufacture steel products for specific, individual requests; for example:

- wrought iron products
- gates
- fences
- handrails
- stairs
- frames for gardening tools
- garden furniture
- swings
- containers for apiary
- bicycle storage and other products


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7522 Kaposújlak. Dózsa GY. utca 31/B.
VAT number: 13179377-2-14
Company register number:: 14-09-305696 registered at the
Registry Court of Kaposvár, Hungary

Phone (office): +36 82/686-201
Mobile phone: +36 20/599-7433
E-mail: havikltd@gmail.com
Web: www.havik.hu